Cutest Baby

Of course, I'm extremely biased, but Emily Grace is the cutest baby in the world!! This picture gives me urges to get on an airplane and get back to Canada so I can play with her, play in the leaves, and watch her grow up in person, instead of through pictures. One of the biggest challenges of living overseas is indeed being away from friends and family back home. I don't know how the missionaries of old did it when there were no airplanes, Skype, email, webcams, and Facebook. 
Speaking of which, when I was browsing through Facebook's Canada's Cutest Babies contest which this picture of Emily was entered into, and I couldn't help but thinking that a day is coming when potential employers will be googling and facebooking someone and will find their baby pictures online... the world is changing so fast. Even when I was in high school, no one really even had a digital camera.... now we just need some of these geniuses to turn their talents to finding a fast way to cross the ocean that doesn't cost thousands of dollars... teleportation anyone? Maybe I've been watching too much Heroes


  1. No way can you be watching to much Heroes...

  2. I hear ya, Char. I have missed many weddings and seeing kids growing up; but on the other hand, we have met so many wonderful people and been a part of so much cool stuff God is doing. We are blessed to have technology that expats years ago didn't have.

    Have you ever read the book "The Small Woman"? She left home in her early's 20's and didn't go home at all for years. What a sacrifice.


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