The Amazing Race comes to Taiwan

I've always loved the show "The Amazing Race" so I was thrilled to find that there is an Asian version. It's still in English, but all the teams are from Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines, Korea, Japan, India etc.) , and they race through Asian countries. The format of the show is the same, for those who are familiar with it, including roadblocks, detours etc.
Season 3 is on right now, and last week, they came to Taiwan! The funniest thing about it was that they kept asking police officers to help them find different locations, which they did (even escorting them long distances) without batting an eyelash! Glad Taipei's finest are there for such causes, even if they don't stop the scooters speeding through red lights.
I was wondering where they would end up going, with all the great places to see, and they ended up going to a place called Shenkeng, which is actually on the way to Yilan! The Shenkeng old street is famous for....stinky tofu! Much to my amusement, they had to eat an entire dish of stinky tofu and duck's blood tofu before they could receive their next clue. Some of the teams made it through fairly quickly, while others were vomiting in between bites. One team said "Sorry Taiwan! I know this is some kind of delicacy, but I just can't handle it!"
Stinky tofu..... what can I say about it? I posted about it a long time ago. My first year in Taiwan, I tried not to go near the stuff! The smell was just too revolting. Finally someone convinced me to try it, but I still wasn't "convinced". After four years, there is one kind that I actually like (shhh don't tell), which is the deep fried cubes with a sweet/spicy sauce and pickled vegetables. But the kind they ate on the show is definitely NOT for me... I just might have thrown up too.

Say YES......

Say NO.....


  1. Wow, that's gross. Just reading about it makes me feel revolted! I think I'll stay away form that stuff too.


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