Top 10 things to do during a typhoon

After being hit by the second super typhoon in 2 weeks, I asked my students to make a list of their Top 10 things to do during a typhoon:

10. play cards
9. call old friends and chat
8. watch TV
7. wash your car
6. eat instant noodles
5. listen to the radio
4. sleep
3. have a romantic candlelight dinner
2. study
1. go to the supermarket

Alternatively, I also had them create a list of the top 10 things NOT to do during a typhoon:

10. fly a kite
9. go surfing
8. have a BBQ
7. go to school
6. sleep beside the window
5. ride a bike
4. go to look at the waves
3. wear a skirt
2. study
1. walk your dog

*Almost every group had "Go to the supermarket" on their to do list. I suggested that they should do that before the typhoon, not during!
*There were varying opinions on whether studying was taboo or not as a typhoon activity.
*Wash your car was in order to save on water! Some students also thought you should not shower during a typhoon for the same reason. I've learned that you should take a shower shortly before the typhoon makes landfall in case you don't have any water for a couple of days. Speaking of which, I had running water yesterday (during the typhoon) but not this morning (after the typhoon), which was really strange. Fortunately I had some bottled water to brush my teeth and wash up with, and it was back when I got home from class at noon... so hopefully it stays!


  1. Krystal10:47 am

    AH HA I learned how to leave a comment... :)

    We got the tail end of your typhoon a few days ago... was the most windy I have seen it since the storms last winter... but compared to you it was nothing. I am so thankful you are ok after both the last two typhoons...ans I will pray you continue to be.

    I was going to e-mail you tonight so I will write you more :)


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