Things Taiwanese People Like

I was reading for amusement as I was thinking about blogging an observation I made yesterday. There are a LOT of things I could list, but here are 5 things off the top of my head. I can also reflect on how local I've become through this exercise...

5. Scooters: they're everywhere, fast, easy to park, and get their own lane on many highways. Though I waited quite a while before I got one, I also like scooters. In fact, I'm going to go for a little cruise when I'm done writing this post.

4. Red bean: Not salty but sweet, these beans find themselves in the traditional cold soup, desserts, ice cream, and now in Costco muffins instead of chocolate chips, much to my dismay (I DON'T like red bean in case you didn't gather that, though I HAVE started to enjoy Taro in some circumstances, which is another Taiwanese favorite)

3. Pearl Milk Tea: Zhen Zhu Nai Cha, is a must-try here in Taiwan, with a number different shops claiming to have invented it. It gives you chewy tapioca balls to munch on as you drink. I do like it, but only about once every month or two, since the "pearls" just get to be too much for me.

2. Hello Kitty and other cartoon characters: See my earlier posts on my Hello Kitty bike and pictures of the "Hello Kitty" lounge at Taoyuan International Airport. While I did love that bike, I could take or leave Hello Kitty, and certainly won't be buying any of her paraphenalia with my own hard-earned money, though I know many people who do, including a 31 year old doctoral grad.

1. Getting naked with coworkers or neighbors: This is what I originally wanted to blog about. I spent the night at my friend's condo on Friday and it's got all kinds of ameneties, including a residents-only health club and spa. It was REALLY nice except for a rigorous enforcement of certain rules, including the need to remove swimwear if you wanted to use the hot tub, massage pools, or steam room in the women's changing room. My friend was showing me the facilities when the cleaning lady came over and reminded us that no swimsuits were allowed inside. My friend said they think it's cleaner that way.... but personally I find nothing clean about sitting on something that someone else's bare bum has been touching before me. I opted out and my friend said "I didn't know you were so conservative." Yes, yes I am. This got me thinking about our annusal staff retreat where they also offer such facilities. Something about hanging around naked with people you will see the next day, such as your next-door neighbor or supervisor doesn't really appeal to me. I guess i'm not "Taiwanese" enough yet.


  1. Funny how some seem fine with naked hot tubs but shy about other things, like even wearing tank top without a cover shirt. I think some people here are bothered by such things. I heard some recent graduates complain about having to shower with other guys in the Army and being embarrassed. But I'm with you on this one, Char, this would be TMI - too much information - to be with co-workers and neighbors like this, :).


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