Damage in Yilan

While I was blissfully ignorant in Taipei, the typhoon was busy tearing up trees, flattening road signs, knocking over scooters, and more. As I took the bus from Taipei to Yilan, I saw higher water levels in the rivers than I'd ever seen before. When we got closer, I saw water spouting up the manhole covers (yes, kinda like in The Day After Tomorrow) and almost every tree in the center divider was either bent or pulled out at its roots. This is definitely the worst typhoon damage I've seen in this city in my 4 short years. When I got to my apartment, I knew something was wrong when the street lights on the corner were dark. Our power was out. I climbed up to my 5th floor home and opened my door. The first thing I noticed was that the sliding screen door at the entrance to my apartment was at a 90 degree angle (NOT how it was supposed to be, flat against the glass door). I was too shocked to take a picture, but I should have. Fortunately it's fixed now. Next thing I noticed was the thin, damp layer of mud over EVERYTHING. I did leave a window open, but most of it came in UNDER the balcony door, where there's about a half-inch gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. My kitchen floor was coated with mud. I cleaned up the floors as best I could, then took a shower (in the dark). The power came back on a little later, though the elevators are still down. I haven't opened my fridge yet, but if the power was off for a couple of days like I think it was, it won't be a pretty sight (or smell). I'll save that for closer to when the garbage truck comes. Everywhere on the streets today there are people sweeping up debris and picking up fallen tree branches. I kinda wish I had the afternoon off to clean up my place better, but unfortunately, I have class in about half an hour. I am VERY thankful the power is back on though, and thankful I stayed in Taipei this weekend instead of living without power in the storm, and thankful my house wasn't damaged more, no windows broken, and hopefully everything can be repaired. I'm also thankful I waited until this morning to come home, as I don't think I would have handled it well last night. I'm thankful for God's protection.
And now, some pictures I snapped with my cell phone on my way home.


  1. Char,

    So glad you're OK. Sorry to hear you have such a mess to clean up. Thinking of you.

  2. What a mess. Good thing you have a second home in Taipei! Showering in the dark was probably weird. I can't imagine trying to clean up mud like that off the floor. Thank God for tile floors, at least, here huh. Take care.


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