The China Milk Crisis Comes to Taiwan

If you watch the news, maybe you've heard the stir recently about tainted milk products (especially milk powder) from China, and how a number of babies got sick and even died from drinking milk with toxic materials in it. Well since China is one of Taiwan's biggest trading partners (if not the biggest), it follows that some of those products may have made their way over here. There's been quite a stir about it recently, with some of my friends warning me not to drink milk tea or buy any bread or cake. I know some 3-in-1 coffees have recalled their products. Other stores have posted signs outside saying that none of their ingredients came from China. Today at lunch, the restaurant owner even brought the jug of milk over to our table to "prove" that he was using fresh milk, and not milk powder (though we hadn't actually asked... it came after he offered us all free soft-serve ice cream - made with FRESH milk). As for me, I doubt I've consumed any tainted products. I seem to be all right, so far.


  1. We had a very similar things with Maple Leaf. I know in Extra Foods, the longer the products stayed on the shelf, the quicker people were getting fired and the way to vise presidents of the company.


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