Holy Books, right next to the shampoo

Wandering around downtown last week, I came across a little import store. They're always fun to look around, and sometimes contain treasures... like the salsa for NT$50 that I found once. Most of the stuff in this store came from Indonesia, and there were a lot of instant noodles and curry powders. There were also some amazing mango candies that I'll bring home to share next week. Now, I know Islam is one of Indonesia's major religions, but I was a little surprised when I noticed a book on one of the shelves. On closer inspection, it turned out to be the Qur'an, written in Bahasa Indonesia, and ironically placed just above the beer. I managed to snap this quick picture with my cell phone, just to prove that I really did see it!


  1. You're coming "home" next week? Home as in Canada home? . . .


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