HEADLINE: The sky is falling

YILAN CITY - English conversation class became more memorable than ever when a section of roof paneling collapsed onto students at approximately 9:30am this morning. In the middle of a reading activity, there was a loud crack as a 4X4 chunk of wood fell from the ceiling onto unsuspecting 10th graders, damaging a computer screen in the process. The teacher removed the broken pieces of wood from on top of students and desks as the rest of the class looked on in shocked silence. Only one minor injury was reported, and Candice Huang, 15, was sent to the nurse's office to get ice for the bump on her head. Upon further inspection a second loose panel was spotted and all classes have been transferred to The Room Next Door until further notice. In a further development, the teacher now knows how the say "The ceiling just fell down" in Chinese.


  1. Your accident-prone-ness is contagious now! ;)
    Be safe, girl.

  2. Wow! If only the classes I teach could be that exciting! ;)


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