technology often rebels against me

Nothing too dire or serious, but sadly, I forgot my cell phone charger in Taipei, where it sits somewhere near my my back up cell phone charger (also in Taipei...). Why do I do this to myself?? After about 30 minutes of running (ok hobbling) around to various 7-11s and cell phone stores yesterday, I found that no one was able (or willing) to let me charge it in-store. Most places said "Only Taipei has this kind of service" well if I were in Taipei before THURSDAY I wouldn't NEED the service. So anyways, I had to dig out my old cell phone and charger and switch back for the week, not so bad, I suppose.
I also discovered last night that my air conditioner doesn't get cold anymore.............
It made for a grumpy and uncomfortable night.... I called around to see if I can get it fixed asap. Right now I'm just using a tiny doraemon fan that someone won out of one of those claw machines.
Anyways, I'd better get ready for camp this afternoon! Me +40 kids.... will be interesting!

In other, very random thoughts... I get a daily email from with a sentence to study. Today's sentence is:

People threw eggs at him, but he didn't complain at all.

I can't imagine ever needing to use that sentence in real life.


  1. i am going to use that sentence as much and as often as possible... but only in english.
    Go to my blog! you'll be happy.

    I don't think it's perfect but I had to throw it up or else I'd just let it sit there and i would edit it a million times and still find things wrong with it. months and years later I'd put it but I would by that time lost my biggest blogfan.
    (that's you)


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