Stitches out!

The bandages on my leg suddenly got a lot smaller as I got my stitches out today. As promised, I took a picture of the x-ray, but since I took it with my cell phone, you really can't see anything at all..... by the way the doctor seemed really excited to let me take a picture, he even got out of his chair so i could get up close! Actually that's his hand in the picture pointing to the screw holes. My doctor cracks me up.
2 things I learned today: first the screw holes look wierd and kinda gross, and second the chunk that broke the first time is actually still sticking way out, the gap has just filled in. If you look carefully at the x-ray on the right you can see a light piece of something sharp looking...pretty much parallel to the tip of the pen: that's the errant bone. Maybe you can't see it, but I can see it... then again i've been looking at x-rays of my leg regularly for almost 2 years now!
I'm off to Taipei soon and back to work again. Wish me luck and no falling down!