Post-surgery post 4

Ok, well there's not really a part four, especially since this is already day 10.
The doctor stopped in on Sunday and added seafood and fish to my list of forbidden foods.... apparently fish is "too healthy" and will cause my tissue to grow back too rapidly making for an ugly scar.... wish he would have told me that before I bought a ton of healthy fish and put it in my freezer to cook after I got home!! About an hour later, someone from the church brought me dinner..... salmon fried rice! I decided to stop eating fish the next day instead.....
So now the list of things I can't eat or drink:

  • coffee, tea, or cola (caffeine) and probably other carbonated drinks which are bad for your bones
  • mangoes and bananas for some unknown reason
  • fish and seafood

Well I'm not sure how long I'll follow all those rules, but i'm trying to be good for now, at least until i'm all healed up. I did have a wonderful friend bring me some decaf coffee though! So at least I can pretend I'm still drinking coffee. Does that count?

I got discharged with a few more rules:
  • no falling
  • no bike or scooter for 1-2 months (connected to the falling thing)
  • no swimming for 3 months!! I don't know if I'll be able to follow that one, as I was hoping to get back in the pool as soon as my stitches were healed.

Whew, it sounds like I have a lot of rules all of a sudden... apart from that, my life has had almost no structure since I got home. I slept a lot the first few, well until now. I think the meds I'm on make me sleepy.
My leg really has been feeling better every day though! I came home on two crutches and within two days was down to one. Then I was able to make it around the house without crutches. Next step was to venture outside. I made it to the corner with one crutch to buy fresh vegetables, then the next day for a hairwash and 7-11!

The days really have all blended together, but I've had some visitors at home too, which has been nice. I've also been playing a lot of facebook scrabble..... actually i sent out an email to everyone at the office in Taipei when I got home, and within two days people were sending me "emergency" stuff to work on. But it was ok, I didn't really have anything better to do. As I return things completed, the reply always seems to be "You finished it so fast!"

Lisa and Peter came down on Saturday and we went out for lunch and then out to this really pretty lake (large pond?) where i actually walked quite a bit (with one crutch still). We had a nice time before I saw them off to Hualian, and then slept for a couple of hours!

After that I felt I was able to walk more, and I made it all the way to the video store the next day! I rented the first season of Heroes, since I've been hearing a lot of people talking about it lately. Not bad so far, though I'm glad I didn't have to watch one episode at a time, I think I might have given up on it. But it's interesting, like X-men-plus or something.

The latest news from the doctor is that the stitches can come out Thursday morning. Great timing since that's the day I have to go to Taipei and back to work! I still haven't seen the current x-ray of my leg though, I'll have to ask to see it next time. If I remember, I'll try to snap a picture of it.


  1. Anonymous11:52 pm

    decaffinated coffee doesn't count and is pointless drinking-- something like de alchoholized beer...

  2. You know Char, you are one the true and tested bloggers... I can always count on you... thank you... :)

  3. ahh...thanks Drake! rarely profound, usually humorous? that's probably me....
    and dear anonymous (who are you?) that's EXACTLY the point! the flavor of coffee without the bone-melting side effects!

  4. Your welcome! Doesn't need to be 'profound' just the fact that you are dedicated, especially being so far away. I have had friends who have travelled the world and said they would keep up a blog so we could keep up with them, and they write once or twice a year... so I appreciate your dedication... ;)


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