More camp tales

Last week's camp was a lot of fun! After a week of "cool" teenagers who don't like to do actions to songs or show they're excited about anything, it was great to be with a group of fun, very easily amused kids! The junior high week was challenging for me, partly because I think I was expecting the students to be more mature than they were. I was expecting the kids last week to be restless though, and planned accordingly!

The pictures from last week will be coming from a really cool team of people from a church in western Taiwan who came to Yilan for the week. They took care of the first half of the camp, and then I showed up to teach English. There were almost 40 kids, most from the local elementary school. Their English level was REALLY low, quite a difference from the "city" kids of the week before. I actually ended up teaching a lot in Chinese. Anyways, I had a lot of fun, the kids were cute and loved most of the activities we did! On the last day they had a relay race with clothes (they had to send a team member to find the piece of clothing i called out and put it on their team's "model" at the back of the room), and they had a great time! It was already past the time to go home, and they were begging me to play again! I can't wait to post the pictures of the many-layered models workin' it

My next set of classes is postponed a day because guessed it... ANOTHER typhoon! Apparently last week's storm was just a practice run... this one looks like it's going to be a big one. Work and school are canceled in all of Taiwan tomorrow. Being on the east, not far from where the typhoon is approaching, we were getting pretty strong winds and crazy rain (sunny one moment, pouring the next) starting quite early today. It's been pouring and blowing sideways since about 7pm, and all my doors and windows are rattling.... I'm really thankful that the wall the air conditioner was on (still getting repaired) is facing the inside of my apartment building, since they didn't actually cover the hole when they removed the unit. I was supposed to get my a/c back tomorrow.... hopefully Tuesday? The rain on the roof is REALLY loud now! Check out the satellite image of this storm here.


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