Hospital Days, part 3 - Waiting....


Had a mini cold war with my roommate. Her great-grandchildren came to visit from 10-12, just as I was about to take a nap. They were really noisy, so I put in my headphones…. But then they decided it would be a fun game to peek around the curtain at the foreigner and run away screaming if I looked at them…. My dread grew when I head mom coaching them: “How are you?” “My name is __ what’s your name?”

I wondered if I feigned a coma would they leave me alone, but it didn’t seem likely. To give the little girl credit, she really wanted to try speaking English with me. She finally jumped out from behind the curtain and said very quickly, “My name is Cindy, what’s your name?”

I said “Hello” and she bolted for her mother.

Back again “My name is Cindy, what’s your name”

Charlotte” (run away)

Back again, “My name is Cindy”

“How old are you?”

My name is Cindy”


I got my revenge when Christine came for lunch with her 3 youngest daughters, and I encouraged them to stay until 2. I asked them what songs they could sing. Too bad I didn’t have any laser guns or electric keyboards or squeaky dolls or something…

Anyways, we made our peace later when I asked her “Jia ba bway” at dinner which is Taiwanese for “have you eaten yet?” she said yes, then tried to ask me something else… nothing doing…. Another friend came to visit and she acted as a translator, and we had a nice chat (of sorts) the 3 of us. I found out that she’s been to Canada twice and to Mainland China over 30 times, and that she’s a great grandmother and her husband has Alzheimer’s . Ok, I’m an evil person for not letting an 82-year old lady have her post-lunch nap.

There was also an amazing sunset on Saturday which I photographed from my window.

Sunday morning

my last day in the slammer. I’ve already watched 12 episodes of Friends, 6 of Corner Gas, 2 Anita Renfro DVDs from my mom (yes, she is pretty funny, though I’ll probably enjoy it even more when I’m 40 and have kids), oh and Shaolin Soccer. And I’ve finished 2 books and done countless Wordokus ( brilliant variation of Sudoku discovered by Naomi that has kept me occupied on various commutes).

Only 20 more hours left to go! It’s almost lunch time so that means I’ll be getting a lot of visitors soon! haha


  1. Hi Charlotte; I don't know if you remember me or not but I met you at your mom and dads a couple of years ago. Anyway our son has a friend who has just completed her first year at Briercrest and is working at a resort near Banff for the summer. She is really struggling with whether to go back to school this fall or not and what to do. She is very interested in what you do and would really like to talk to you. I am going to give her your blog. I will give you her e-mail address Hopefully I will see you in August.

    Darlene McCoy

  2. You're cute.
    day FOUR! day FOUR!

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  4. deana4:17 pm

    your hospital comment made me laugh..... so many times I want to stick my tongue out or make a face (in a nice way), but my dh won't let me!!LOL!!!
    I just had a baby here last week (we are in Taitung) and we payed the extra price for a private room. It was nice....I've shared rooms before!!
    hope you get on the mend quickly.
    Deana--in Taitung


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