Do you remember the rush of emotion you went through as you were beginning high school? I remember being afraid I'd get lost in the hallways, or walk into the wrong class. I worried I wouldn't have any friends in my classes. How hard would the classes be? How much homework would there be?
Ah. Memories. This week I'm teaching fresh(wo)men, in literally their first week at their new high school. (Speaking of freshmen, my "baby" brother -who was starting kindergarten when I graduated from high school- is entering grade 9 in the fall. Where DOES the time go?) They're so cute, both shy and excited at the same time. It's fun to be able to say welcome to LY Girls' High School! I also have to remind myself that they're not the same students I left behind last semester who were just getting ready to embark on their final year of high school. I have to talk slowly. I have to explain how to do a "Find someone who..." activity in great detail. I have to try not to seem too scary.
I also ran into two of my favorite former students from last year today. It made me reflect on what a short time I have with these young people! Just a few hours and a few months and then they're moving up and on and out into the big world. There's a responsibility there.


  1. Oh Charlotte, that's so exciting! I'm sure you're doing a great job of making them feel welcome and comfortable. I'm teaching high school this fall, also...a little bit anxious about that. I start off the year with a grade 11 class. Any advice for me? lol :)

  2. Wow, I guess there is. So little time, so much to do! I hope your year with all the new ones brings good memories as long as the challenges and that you continue to grow and become a better teacher as you strive to do your part! God bless you!


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