We just had a crazy week of camp that ended yesterday! 4 days of early mornings, prayer, chasing 13 year old boys, making a video, singing praise songs, teaching English, getting to know new people, and a lot more.... I'll have to write more about it soon... as for today, I thought I'd have to work, but we ended up having a typhoon day! It's nice to catch up on my sleep, but I'm bummed that Friday Night Live was canceled, since we invited our students from camp to go! Anyways, my leg is doing amazingly well... i managed all week being fairly active (but abstaining from any running games) and I can walk and do stairs pretty well... besides pain and swelling at the end of the day, life is slowly getting back to normal... I'll go see the doctor next week when I get back to Yilan. Speaking of which, I have a kids camp next week in the afternoons! Let's hope it goes well! I actually don't teach kids very often at all anymore, and I do prefer teaching high school students. Starting July 28 I'm back at my favorite school for 3 weeks of summer class!


  1. Good to hear that you are healing well - be sure to follow rule #1 about the no falling - and that your English camp went so well too.

    I enjoyed hearing your boss speak at our conference in Taichung two weeks ago. She is an inspiration to us all. Take care.


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