planning my life

my fate is sealed: I go in for surgery (to take the metal out of my leg) on June 25. Actually the surgery will take place on the 26, one week after my last class of the semester, which is 2 weeks from tomorrow.
does that sound complicated? how about this? my work visa expires June 15, which happens to be the same day we're planning our end-of-semester event for the English Bible study, and hopefully my visa will be renewed before then or i might have to leave the country... around that day.... it'll be a close call, but i go pick up my renewed passport on Friday, so hopefully everything will work out with that...
I'm also in the process of booking my flights home: looks like the date will be Aug 16 - to Vancouver, then to Castlegar on the 17, heading back to Alberta somewhere in the middle to fly out of Calgary on the 28. If you happen to be in any of those cities, let me know and I'll do my best to see you!
As for the summer schedule between June 25 and Aug 16.... it's slightly, sorta up in the air still, I'll know more soon I'm sure, but I think there will be classes in Yilan for part of it, and stuff to do in Taipei as well... not sure if I'm going back to Jinguashi yet... the place I spent my third week of camp last year... I guess we'll see how my leg's doing at that point!


  1. Wow! You're busy! Sometime during your Taipei escapades, we really need to go out for some coffee or something! Can I ask you something? How did you get so good at Chinese and teach English at the same time? I find that I'm having trouble learning Chinese when I have to speak English all day. =(

  2. I hope all your visa stuff works out well!


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