Dragon Boat Festival

This past Sunday was Dragon Boat Festival. No long weekend this year! After church (where we ate traditional rice dumplings - zongzi for lunch), some of us decided to go to nearby Dongshan river to see if there were still some races going on.

We got a nice spot near the finish line. Here are the boats turing around after their race. Actually, we got there fairly close to the end, so we only saw a few races, but it was nice just to get out for awhile. The weather was great.

As you can see, tons of people flocked here. Parking was a nightmare.... I'm glad I wasn't driving!

Here's the end of a race, one team clearly in the lead.

Good friends, Su-wan, Pastor Jane, and Sunny. Albert, our driver took the picture.

Sorry I dont' have a lot to write.. I'm buried under a pile of grading right now... semester's almost over though!