Dinner and a Movie!

Last Sunday was the wrap-up for my English bible study! We'd been planning the party for awhile, and students invited their friends and family to come.
We had singing, games, a potluck dinner, and then watched a movie on the big screen outside. There was TONS of food. I made a chocolate orange cake and a pasta salad. As you can see there were 2 tables alone just for fruit and dessert. There were another 4 tables for food.

Here's Janet and her son Roy making fish-shaped pancakes (waffles?) in a waffle maker they brought from home! Another adorable 10 year old student proudly showed off the scrambled eggs he brought.
I was really happy about how many people showed up! Some students from my classes at the schools came too. here's everyone getting ready to sing.

I looked up during the program and saw this amazing sunset and had to snap a picture!
It felt like a message from God.

Actually it was like a miracle on Sunday. We weren't sure the weather would cooperate. And it POURED all day Saturday. Part of the fun of our movie night was doing it all outdoors. But we weren't sure we'd be able to. We just kept saying "Pray!"
At about 4:00pm it started to rain, and I was really worried we'd be rained out, but it was completely dry by 6 when we started! Just as we were about to start the movie (the inspiring Facing the Giants) a few drops of rain began to fall. We were about to pack up and go in, while shielding the laptop, projector etc from the water. But the pastor said , just wait and see! And she told the kids to look for a star in the sky, and if they found one, it wouldn't rain. Well, the rain did stop, and we were able to finish the movie, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed! By the way, it rained all day Monday too!

It was such a great night. I left there with a huge smile on my face. I'm so thankful that this class has been growing, and more importantly, becoming more confident, and growing closer to God. This picture is all the students who missed 3 or fewer classes throughout the whole semester!
We'll be on break for the summer, and then starting our third consecutive year in the fall!


  1. Wow, that must have been an awesome class. I wish I could be there with you!

  2. Glad it was such a success!

  3. Facing the Giants is a great movie! I'm so glad that your Bible study group is growing closer to God. Have an awesome summer!


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