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Tomorrow I go into the hospital to get ready for surgery on Thursday morning. Most of the metal in the above x-ray will be taken out (some was already taken out last year).
The good thing is my bone is completely healed, and it will be great to get all the "hardware" out, and hopefully after that will be 100% healed.
The bad thing is, it seems like I'll have to go back before I go forward... after the screws are taken out, there will be small holes in the bone that need to be healed, and I'll be susceptible to re-injury for a couple of months if I do fall again or get into any kind of accident.
So my summer activities will be a little limited, not to mention no swimming until the incision site is healed AGAIN.... and no coffee, tea or cola for awhile, I've already been off them for about a week. I miss my coffee! I've been drinking a lot of milk and soy milk though.
I was thinking that this time will be better since I know in advance that I'm having the surgery. I've already cleaned up my room and did laundry, taken out the recycling, and bought groceries. But I still don't really feel READY. Something just doesn't seem right about walking into the hospital on 2 feet and coming out on crutches!
At this point I'm not really sure what the recovery will look like, but I'm told it's not bad, and that I should even be walking after not too long. I'm also not sure how long I'll be in the hospital for. If I don't get discharged on Saturday by noon, I'll have to wait until Monday... so we'll see! I've got lots of books and DVDs. Another update to come once I get home! I don't think the hospital here in Yilan will have wireless internet :P


  1. Praying for you! Love you!

  2. boston12:10 pm

    godspeed during your healing process


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