Wierd English of the week and random facts!

Amanda did this meme: 7 random facts about me... well as she said.. I'm not sure what kind of random facts remain to be shared that most of my blog readers don't know! There are things about my life in Taiwan my Canadian friends don't really know, and things I like or have done before that my friends here don't know about! But here are some random things:

1. I sometimes try to make up conversations in French or Portuguese in my head just to see if I would be able to communicate at all if I met someone who spoke one of those languages....

2. Those conversations almost always turn into Chinese without me immediately realizing I've switched

3. I really like hardcore music, and I just put Blindside and old Skillet onto my MP3 player... (sorry Norah Jones, you had to go in order to make room)

4. I thought I lost my birth certificate last week and it took me forever to find it because I never throw anything away and had waay too much stuff to sift through! (Ok, many of you know about my pack rat tendencies already)

5. I was looking for my birth certificate because I need to renew my passport. I got my first passport in 2003, and that passport picture was taken in Camrose, AB, the summer I worked part time at Tim Horton's and stayed with my Uncle Andrew. I walked to Walmart to get the picture done and got sunburnt. (Seriously, who remembers these kinds of things!!)

6. I really don't FEEL 26 yet...

7. I LOVE necklaces and wear them almost every day. Currently cycling through a few including my Hebrew name necklace from Hope, the rice pearl (the pearls are shaped like grains of rice) necklace I bought in Penghu, a black one I just got from Zak (who bought it in Mexico), and a shell one I got in Korea. I often wear a necklace until it breaks.

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