Happy 26th, ME

I just celebrated my 4th birthday in Taiwan, with a lot of cake, and a lot of friends!
It all started on Sunday, a week before my birthday:

Sunday: went for cake and coffee with some friends from our evening house church. I asked the coffee shop if there was a birthday discount and he gave me a bag of toffees! haha

Monday: my English bible study class surprised me with a cake and serenaded me! They also gave me a giant card. They were acting suspiciously all evening so I kind of figured out what was going on.

Tuesday: My Chinese teacher's oldest daughter, Esther celebrated her birthday on the 23, so we had cake together with the family and some other kids

Wednesday: went to Taipei, and scoped out a good restaurant for a birthday dinner

Thursday: got treated for lunch AND dinner
Friday: showed up at work to a big suprise! Naomi and some other friends completely decorated my cubicle (which I'd recently moved to, and hadn't been overly thrilled about!) It's amazing! I was showered with gifts, and Rachel made a scrumptious cake that was like a giant Reeces Pieces!! (My favorite btw just for reference if anyone's sending a care package...haha)

Found out two other coworkers have birthdays close to me (one on the same day) and we were sung to twice and given a cake at our Friday night class!

Saturday: A day to celebrate with my friends in Taipei and the highlight of my birthday! We went to Muzha and had been planning to go up the Maokong gondola, but the line was too long (a 2 hour wait!) , so we decided to go to the zoo instead... but unfortunately, it was closed! So we did the photo scavenger hunt I had prepared in the surrounding area, still getting tons of great shots!

You can see all the pictures from the hunt here.
Later we went for a delicious dinner at The Onion!

Sunday: much more low key, but I went to an old street, and had a great buffet dinner/afternoon tea!


  1. The scavenger hunt pics are hilarious. I wonder if this could be adapted for an English class sometime. You and your friends seemed to have had a fabulous time! Some people must have recognized those who are on TV, right?

    I have been at that same place!


  3. You're so gorgeous!


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