Free Rice

This is a great site! is a cool website that lets you help poverty and improve your vocabulary at the same time!! It's a game where you choose the synonym of a word and for every correct answer, you donate 20 grains of rice. The vocabulary levels go from beginner to professor! It's something ESL students can do, but also has very difficult words. According to the website people rarely get past level 50 (of 60). If you get a question wrong you go to an easier level, and if you get three right in a row, you go up a level. Give it a try!! You will do a little to help end world hunger, but the more people that do, the more rice gets donated! See the website's FAQ for more information! By the way, the highest level I've reached is 43! Can you do better?
Help end world hunger


  1. that is SO cool! i'm up to 12,000+ grains of rice and level 47. Given that it's the UN, I hope that the rice is actually making it to hungry people.


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