Sunday, May 18, 2008


I had the pleasure of seeing a band I really like in concert last night! They're a Taiwanese worship band called Joshua that has translated a lot of Hillsongs and other English songs into Chinese. I have 3 or 4 of their cds. It's always been a blessing to have a familiar song in the middle of an unfamiliar church service/language, especially when I first came to Taiwan! They came to Yilan last night and I had an almost front row seat! I got to chat with lots of students both before and after, and just had a really sweet night of worship, which was as the Taiwanese would say "超HIGH!" (this expression doesn't have anything to do with drugs, but was somehow brought over from English and means "exciting" or an energized atmosphere, like a concert.)
One funny thing I noticed was that one of the lead singers was wearing a necklace with a marijuana leaf on it. I don't think he knew what it meant, but interestingly, he slipped it off shortly after I noticed it, so maybe some else in the band somehow let him know... or maybe God convicted him (just kidding).
I had a short chat with one of the singers afterward, and I want to go to their church sometime soon to check it out. They have Saturday evening worship services in Da-an, which isn't too far from where I stay in Taipei.
It really made me miss Youthquake and going to concerts. Sometimes we just need times of celebration and being energized! Anyways, I'll have to keep my ears open for more concerts in the area.

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