What a week!

Well I managed to get through the rest of the week without any other scary things happening, but that doesn't mean it was uneventful....
but things are rarely uneventful when there's wedding involved.

Not MY wedding of course, but one of the girls I stay (stayed) with in Taipei got married this past Saturday! It was a lovely day, and I got some nice pictures of the happy couple. (See below)
But today's blog entry is about the night BEFORE the wedding! Here's what happened:
One of the bridesmaids was staying at our house for the night since it was a morning wedding and hair appointments started at 6am. For some reason unknown to man she had gotten some dental work done earlier that day, and arrived at our house really late, and not a little uncomfortable. Our other roommate (also a bridesmaid) gave her some medication for the pain. The bride took a sleeping pill so she'd be fresh for the big day. I came home from doing my nails at another friend's house and got ready for bed. A short time later, I heard some sniffling outside my door. I thought someone was crying, so I went out to investigate, and it turned out to be the bridesmaid who had taken the medicine, sneezing, blowing her nose and wiping her watery, swollen eyes. She was having an allergic reaction! It got worse and worse and her eyes were almost swollen shut. The girl who had given her the medicine felt awful and we were both really worried. But she assured us that she has a lot of allergies (might've mentioned that when you were being given the painkillers), and that it would probably go down in 4-5 hours... but she was going to be in a wedding in 4-5 hours!! So we convinced her to go to the hospital. Since she could barely see, her eyes were so swollen, I agreed to take her. Also because the other bridesmaid needed to pick up the parents of the bride at some crazy early hour! I was thinking we'd go to the ER, get her a cortisone shot or some medicine and come home to bed. We got to the hospital about 12:30am. After some waiting, a blood test, and more waiting, they finally put her on an IV drip. Around 3, I went on a 7-11 run for both of us. Actually we had a really nice chat, and she's a super sweet girl. But the circumstances were not the best haha! She took it well though, she kept making jokes that she looked like an alien or like Garfield (which she kinda did...)
Around 3:30am a group of guys came in all bloody from what I guessed was a bar fight. It was a little scary, and as the police were questioning one of the guys he made a run for it. Added some excitement to the evening.... by the way I think I've mentioned before that in most Taiwanese hospitals, the emergency room, waiting room, and treatment area are all one and the same. So I was next to her bed, which was more or less in the hallway and part of a long row of beds.
By 4am I started to lose it a little, and I must confess, started having some very selfish thoughts of being in my bed asleep... but in the end I knew I wouldn't want to be alone if it were me. Plus I didn't want us to have to pay for 2 taxis back to the house. But things got a little annoying, because her IV drip finished, but we couldn't get ANYONE to come look at it. We kept telling nurses and asking the doctor to come, but ended up waiting about 45 minutes! there were tears on my part, but I finally went back to the nurses office and said that we needed to see the doctor ASAP since the girl was in a wedding in the morning! The doctor finally came back and felt like the swelling hadn't gone down enough yet, and wanted to start ANOTHER IV.... (which would have been almost done by then if she had come right away when it ran out the first time grrr), I'm sure they had their reasons, but it was just really frustrating since there was no communication with us, we were just told to wait. We finally convinced the doctor to let us go, and got home by 5am! I only ended up getting about an hour and a half of sleep since people started waking up and coming and going from our house until about 5:30 when they left for hair and makeup appointments. But the poor bridesmaid didn't get any sleep! She wasn't able to wear any makeup on her eyes either... but the swelling went down quite a bit, and was pretty much back to normal by the reception.

The happy couple.
Beautiful ceremony.
They choreographed an adorable dance! It was so fun!

More dancing. Notice the change of dresses... kind of a tradition in Taiwan.

Me with my new friend (that was actually the first time we'd met! But nothing helps you get to know someone better than a midnight hospital trip!)

Oh yeah, and if that weren't enough I got a call about 5 minutes before I was supposed to leave for the bus (to go to the wedding) saying that the bride had forgotten her street clothes at the salon, and could I go pick them up? So I did and ended up speedwalking/running to the bus in my strapless dress and flip flops! What a morning!

My sister's getting married next August, and I'm the maid of honor... I guess this is all practice! By the time my turn comes around, I'll be a veteran!


  1. WHOA. CHAR. Had no idea. Wow. Praise God you were there!

  2. Charlotte, THANK YOU SO MUCH. If I had any idea what you had been through the night before, I would have asked you to leave the clothes! You were such an incredible sport. I owe you a BIG thank you. THANK YOU for helping my bridesmaid. THANK YOU for being happy for me that day despite having only an hour and a half of sleep. And THANK YOU, as always, for being such a good friend.

    (the bride) :P


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