Happy 70th LYGS!

Last week was one of my school's 70th anniversary. They have an annual "Garden Party" or school fair, but this one was especially big, since it was 70 years.

I spend much of Sunday afternoon there talking with students and eating a lot!

You see, each class sets up a stand and sells 2-4 products, which you purchase with tickets you buy when you arrive.

I ended up spending about NT$300 dollars there since I have 10 regular classes at the school. It was fun to see the students' creative designs, costumes, and sales tactics!

Some of the classes also sold products designed by them, like buttons or little mirrors or notebooks with drawings by students.

They also had a school-wide talent show which went on all day, so there were a variety of performers singing or dancing on a main central stage. Each class also designed its own t-shirt, I wonder if I can get any? hmmm

Here are some students from one of my favorite classes. (I know you're not supposed to have favorites, but this is the only class I've taught for 2 years, all the other classes I've only been teaching since September.)

I've had a great "Birthday week" this week, and I'm going up the Maokong cable cars with some friends this afternoon. More details and pictures from this week coming soon!


  1. that yellow top you are wearing is hot!!

  2. Hi, Char! I'll admit I usually have one favorite class too! I'm glad you had fun at your school's anniversary event. Take care.

  3. Yeah, the shirt works. Yay for cute clothes!


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