Zha qi zha ba

The Chinese phrase Zha qi zha ba means "random stuff"

First, I think I strained my foot! Not that foot, but the other foot, the good foot... wierd. I did a lot of walking this weekend, and on Sunday night my foot felt like it had a cramp, one that didn't go away. When I walked around on Monday it felt worse, and after 10 hours of class between Monday afternoon and now I'm walking with a limp! I didn't fall down or anything, but it really hurts. I went to the doctor and he said it might be a strain, since the pain is all along one area. Just got some pain meds though... hmm. Anyways, pray that it will get better... like by tomorrow! haha I am thankful though that it doesn't hurt to ride a bike! So I can still get around more or less. I haven't had to break out my crutches yet, though it did cross my mind at one point.

We have a long weekend coming up next month, and I've been thinking of taking a little trip! Another colleague and I were looking into the Philippines, but I don't know if there's enough time for it because of the available flight times :( Theoretically, we'd have from Thursday evening until Sunday evening, but the flights are like Friday noon and Sunday noon.... would you pay $400 for that (flight + hotel) ?
Other options are going somewhere in Taiwan... but I'm really itching to see more of Asia...

I'm going to see 27 Dresses on Thursday! We are wearing formal dresses to go see it! Pictures to come next week :)


  1. Charlotte, Charlotte! How do you do this to yourself? ;) I will pray that that gets better soon - as I am now *in the classroom,* I fully sympathize with the need to be mobile!
    I still haven't seen 27 Dresses, but I've heard that it is really good. Some of my friends went to the thrift stores in town and bought old 80s prom dresses and went to the movie in those! The pictures are hilarious!

  2. Are you feeling better yet?
    What's 27 dresses?


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