New Technology!

Yesterday I went to a training session for a new toy one of my schools has decided to buy: a computerized whiteboard! What is it, you ask? Well after an hour of demos and getting to try it myself, it's simply amazing!
It functions as a regular whiteboard. You can use whiteboard markers on it. BUT you can also project your powerpoint screens or websites (anything you have on your computer actually) onto it. BUT the coolest thing is that once you have a screen projected onto the whiteboard, you can use a special computerized pen to interact with it!

So you can use the pen to go the next or previous slide, and to go from a powerpoint slide to something else (like a website). No more being stuck behind the computer for the whole class.
In addition, you can use the pen to write stuff on your screen! So you can underline, circle, or point to certain parts. You can also write words. You can choose to record all the screens and pen strokes you make, and can even add voice recording. You can save new slides as you change them or write on them. You can also go back to your original file any time. It also has a spotlight tool, and a number of other fun toys. I can't really describe how cool it is, but let me just say I'm really excited about it, since they're installing it in MY classroom! woohoo!


  1. These are really awesome!! I've seen how one very creative science teacher at Morrison uses his. The options are endless!!

    The other cool thing is that more and more textbook companies are creating software programs to use with these amazing whiteboards.

    I think I officially envy you now. :)

  2. Yay for Smartboards! The schools in Alberta are all over them. I haven't actually been in a classroom with one, yet, but they definitely have several in every school. They are so fun just to play with. I hope that I get the chance to teach with one at some time in the near future!

  3. That is awesome! I saw a demo at Briercrest once... they are sweet!


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