New Life!

Happy Easter everyone! Jesus is risen! I celebrated Easter from Sunday morning to Monday evening. I joined the worship team on Sunday morning and we sang about 10 songs in Chinese. Fortunately they were almost all songs I know in English, so I figured if I forgot the words, I could just switch to English. We got to wear choir robes, which were really hot.. haha, no literally, I was sweating, and I just had short sleeves underneath.

After church we had a big lunch. I spent the afternoon making a cake which I kind of botched, but was able to recover (thanks to LOTS of icing!), and getting ready for the Easter party in my class Monday evening.

At the party we colored eggs, watched part of the Jesus video, sang songs, made a craft, and had a scavenger hunt. My students LOVED the scavenger hunt, though they got quite competitive.
There are some pictures of the class here (it's all in Chinese, posted by another class member, but you CAN see pictures).

Oh and speaking of new life, my hair REALLY needed some.... so I got a perm!


  1. wow, what a fun weekend!

  2. Ooo, it looks lovely! :)

  3. Pretty!!!

    Nice pics of Penghu. I want to go there someday.


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