Give us faith so we'll be saved

We just had an election here, but the morning before the election, my good friend Libeck was part of a duet singing The Prayer, a beautiful song that has been on my heart ever since, and quite fitting for this time that we should really be praying for Taiwan. There are lots of versions of this song, and I wish I had a record of the one they sang last week, but here is one. If you have time, check out the duet between Josh Groban and Charlotte Church, or Chloe Agnew giving it a Celtic flavor. I know the last line of the chorus is "Give is faith so we'll be safe" but I can't help but replace it with the word "saved" sometimes. Like the man in Mark who cried out to Jesus "I believe, help my unbelief!"

Anyways, all that musical goodness to say: Taiwan has a new president! Well, he won't take office until May, but he was elected on Saturday. Ma Ying-jeou is the leader of the Nationalist party or KMT, or as known here, the blue party. Everyone was really conscious about wearing (or not wearing) blue or green the last few days since that's the color of the two parties. The KMT is the party that tends to favor eventual reunification with (a democratic) China, while the green party is for Taiwan independence.

Anyways, the election was held peacefully and democratically, and Taiwan is NOT going into civil war! Just in case you had heard otherwise.

Oh yeah, and when I got back to Yilan on Saturday (via a noisy bus ride with non-stop election reporting) I discovered that our church was a vote-counting site. Interesting.

Next entry: Easter!


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  2. Thanks for the update... very informative... ;)


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