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One of my 11th grade classes.

Sorry all, I've been mang de bu de liao....crazy busy for the last 2 weeks!
Since the calendar changed, I've been:
  • Finishing all my classes for the semester
  • Giving and grading tests
  • Calculating final grades
  • Trying to figure out schedules and plans for next semester
  • Finding out I'm doing a mini-camp on the 21-24
  • Hanging out with friends I haven't seen for awhile
  • Writing and practicing a speech for a Chinese speech competition
Anyways, my last class of the semester (except aforementioned camp) was on Thursday!! I finally felt like I could take a big breath. I love teaching, but there's a reason we have summer and winter vacation!

Tomorrow (Sunday morning) I'm going to take part in a speech contest!!
There have been flyers for the competition floating around the office and a few people encouraged me to enter. But the topic was one that I didn't think I'd be able to write about: If I were the president of Taiwan.
Personally I try to stay out of Taiwanese politics, though I do like to keep up with the news. The topic kind of deterred me from entering until my friend suggested that I just do something completely out there... and one day during the break between classes I got a sudden inspiration and wrote the whole first draft in about 15 minutes!
Since then I've had a lot of people offering their help to correct it and listen to me practice, including A-hsiang, Christine, my physiotherapist, Michelle from Yuli, and my coworkers!
I'm a little nervous, but first prize NT$50 000! It's definitely worth it!

My speech pokes fun at a number of political situations that have been taking place recently here in Taiwan. I'll let you know how it went! Oh yeah, and I'm going to use a little bit of Taiwanese in my speech to try to get bonus points. Here's the first thing I'm going to say:

Da gei hou, wa shi Daiwan bi lai ei zong tong! Which means, "Hello everyone, I am the next president of Taiwan"


  1. Ahhhh how fun! I wıll pray for you to do well and not be nervous. Im so proud of you. And Id love to hear all your platforms and ıdeas for ımprovıng Taıwan soon. Love you!

  2. Wow - a speech contest! That's amazing! I don't think I would ever enter one even in English, and there you are entering one in Chinese. Good for you! I'd love to hear some of the tidbits from it! I hope you do well! :)

  3. Thanks for adding my blog to your list. It's cute that Neipu looks like it's my last name instead of my town, haha.

    Your speech sounds hilarious. Be sure to tell us how it went today! Your Chinese is so much better than mine and we've been here the same number of years. I need to get moving.

    Have a great week!


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