Spring __________

Despite reports of -40 to -50 windchills back home, I must say that spring is coming here. I spruced up blog a little and hopefully will spruce up my house soon....

Spring Cleaning
this week I have no classes, so I need to do a number of things, including putting away my Christmas decorations, cleaning my house, and getting organized for next semester

Spring Festival Chinese New Year is also called Spring Festival. It's also Chinese tradition to clean one's house this time of year, and buy new clothes (like I ever need an excuse for that!) . I'm going to decorate my house a little. All of Taiwan is on holiday (except poor 7-11 workers I guess) from Feb 7-11. I'll share my plans for the holiday later. Also I'm trying to send out some Chinese New Year cards or other mailings that I should have sent at Christmas (sorry). If you want a card and you're not sure I have your address send me an email or a note on Facebook!

Spring Flowers The picture above is plum blossoms on a tree. This is also the season for Sakura flowers or Cherry blossoms, which turn the landscape pink in some of the mountains here, like Ali Mountain and Yang Ming Mountain. There are also a few places near Yilan I heard have awesome scenery this time of year!


  1. It is indeed around -40 here, and it's dreadful!!! Don't trivialize such things! lol, I would probably do the same thing if I was living in a warmer place...


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