The speech contest.....

My speech went fei chang hao! REALLY WELL!
When I arrived, I drew number 42 to give my speech, meaning it would be a long wait and a long morning. Fortunately, I had some great people to wait with who came to support me. There were 46 entries total, though a number of them didn't come, so I'd guess there were around 35 speeches in all. There were lots of good speeches, and some people who really impressed me with their language ability. I was soooo nervous when I was about to go up, despite the fact that I teach my students not to be nervous...... my heart was beating so fast as I went up. Fortunately, I wrote my key points on my "prop" so I had them just in case I forgot everything. Also, every time I practiced my speech in front of others the previous days I kept forgetting my transitions. But the speech went quite well! Above is a video.
At the end we had to wait a looong time for the results, but I was chosen as one of 15 finalists to compete again next week! (If fewer than 40 ppl had registered, that would have been the end, so I really think it's too bad since in the end not all 46 people gave speeches.)
Soooooo I have to give my speech again this Saturday!!
Before they announced the results one of the judges gave a speech, and she referred to my speech twice (in a positive way) when she was giving tips on what to do! As I was leaving, a girl had the results printed on a paper and she showed me my score. I came in SECOND!!!
We also found out that next week we'll be given 2 additional minutes. So now I have to rack my brain for what to add. Now as long as none of the other competitors steal my jokes, I should be fine! Wish me luck on Saturday!


  1. Char, you are AMAZING!! And you've come a long way since I left T-dub. :)
    Btw, was Marcia there? I keep hearing a laugh that sounds like hers. :)


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