2007 in Review!

Happy New Year everyone! 2008 is chilly so far!! It's gotten down to about 8 or 9 degrees which you really start to feel when you're doing something that doesn't require much movement, such as using a computer! I went to my new friends Wendy, Thomas, Beatrice and Seraphine's house for new years eve. We watched a movie, prayed and had Hungarian beef soup at 1am! Wendy and Thomas are missionaries here. He's from Germany. I've been getting to know them and their two daughters recently because they've started up an English fellowship at their house. It was a fun night. On Jan 1 I did something I haven't done nearly enough of this semester: I took the train to Hualian! I spent the day with some of my favorite people: the Yu's (Amy and Jack) and Ariel and Richard. Today was back to classes as usual....

Anyways, I want to share some highlights of 2007. I was going to do one picture, or the first sentence from each month, but I think I'll just do it in a more straightforward way.


I had surgery on my leg shortly after new years to take out two screws. After that began the long journey of being able to walk again!!

At the end of January my parents and Zak came to visit! That was probably a highlight of the year!


I returned home during the Chinese New Year break. And had to fly back to Taiwan all by myself!

It was worth it though because I got to see my grandma, great grandma, sister and brother, and even a couple of old friends!


It seems i spent the whole month blogging about my trip... hmmmm the best thing was that i got my lovely new laptop, which I'm still enjoying now!


We had fantastic weather in April and I did a lot of hanging out with friends and students. I even went to Taidong for Easter! My dad got a tattoo and Yilan got a Starbucks.. oh and I turned 25!


My bike was stolen and I was given a new one the same day!
The missionary boat Doulos came to Taiwan, and besides visiting, I helped translate for a team to came to share at my church, giving me yet another gem of an embarrassing story to tell at an opportune moment in the future.


June was busy! In addition to finishing the semester, I went to Taipei a few times, went to a graduation, went to western Taiwan for Dragon Boat Festival, where I saw a giant Buddha and the most crowded night market EVER, and finished the first year of my wonderful English bible study.

June was also the month that Jon-Eric was killed in a tragic accident.

July was the month of camps! I worked with a great team and did 3 weeks of camp in 3 different places. It was fun and exhausting.


I took a very important trip back to Canada to see Hope and to be the maid of honor in Johanna and Nolan's wedding! Everything about the trip was great except that it was too short!


New life, new classes, new roommates.. I started a schedule of teaching half time in Yilan half in Taipei. Ashley came to Yilan to celebrate Moon Festival with me!

Halloween party, huge typhoon, and celebrating that I can walk one year later!


Teaching at Friday Night Live and celebrating American Thanksgiving in Taipei!


Christmas activities pretty much right from the start, including parties, rallies, and an English service we held in Yilan!

2007 was a great year! Who knows what the future holds?


  1. Wow, you had a pretty eventful year! If I did the same thing, I don't know if there'd be much to tell, I very much enjoyed yours. Also, I have a terrible memory, so it probably wouldn't work anyways. Thanks for sharing your year! Blessings


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