Santa drove me to Taipei!

My weekly commute has taken an interesting turn with more travel options opening up all the time. There's a large tunnel that shortens the route from Yilan to Taipei and it has recently begun to allow buses to go through. Before I usually took the train (223 one way or 402 round trip), later I sometimes took a taxi (250 one way) which only takes about 50 minutes to the train's hour and forty minutes. Now not one, but two competing bus companies will get you there in an hour and a half for about 130NT. And FINALLY, they are allowing sleigh rides through the tunnel!
Did I get you there? Ok so Santa didn't really drive me to Taipei, but my thin, beardless, Taiwanese bus driver was dressed in a Santa suit, just for the fun of it I suppose!

In any case I'm here in Taipei now until Tuesday! I'm so thankful that I get a long weekend-ish and a chance to celebrate Christmas. I was told we're supposed to wear Christmas colors tomorrow! So it begins.... Oh and speaking of commutes I'll head back to Yilan on Tuesday night since I have class on the 26th but then right back to Taipei on Wednesday, fun fun!


  1. how fun--about the santa bus trip I mean. :)

    Char, I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

  2. Apparently I've been getting very sadly behind in the blogging world. Yay for Christmas! I just arrived home (via greyhound) this morning. It looks like you are going to have a busy but fun Christmas season. :) Merry Christmas!

  3. Just wanted to wish you a merry merry Christmas! =)


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