New Pictures!

Courtesy of my cell phone!! I got a new cell phone recently, that's a little more high tech, it can play mp3's and take pictures, along with some other random things... so I've been snapping some random pictures..

of the Christmas tree and decorations at work!

Of nice sunsets at the MRT station.

Of fun and unusual things like these (delicious) tiny bananas I bought.

Of DaZhi bridge in Taipei
Of a rainbow!!

And of course of my dessert! mmm

This week has been quite eventful, including a murder mystery and a Christmas Bazaar, more on that when I get some pictures from my friends!


  1. Anonymous4:33 am

    Hey - speaking of Christmas, what is your mailing address? I turn the big 40 in a few days... scary man. ttys tammyb


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