Christmas Party!

Last Sunday we had an English Christmas party at church! It was fun but a little stressful as I was organizing/leading it! It reminded me of some of the things we used to do in youth group...except that I wasn't one of the students! It was the first of hopefully many English services. It went really well I think, we had a great time!
We sang Christmas songs, watched a movie, played games, and I gave a message! That was the scariest part perhaps, though it went well despite a few translation difficulties. After we finished there was a discussion time and then we had snacks! I made about 80 cookies and they didn't last that long... well I guess there were about 60 people who went! Someone 'confessed' to me that she had eaten 3!
You can see more pictures of the day here.

Christmas is coming fast, and I spent the morning doing songs and gift exchanges with my classes! I'm heading to Taipei as usual on Wednesday night after spending the afternoon judging a drama competition. I'll stay there over the weekend, attending our HUGE Christmas rallies on Saturday, gong to church somewhere on Sunday, having our staff Christmas party on Mon and taking it easy on Tues before I head back to Yilan for one day of class before I'm BACK to Taipei! I'll try to get a few more phone calls home in before then!

My little pile of Christmas presents is growing too! Thank you so much to my parents, Hope, and Melissa and Shelly who have sent me gifts so far! I haven't quite decided when I'll open them yet. Christmas morning HERE or THERE?


  1. Open your presents tomorrow morning (TW time)! ;)

    I kept any presents which was mailed to us or given to us wrapped, under the tree for tomorrow morning too. Have a great Christmas, Char!


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