What a Weekend!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! Time has flown by, and it's almost the weekend again.
I had a good time at ETA and had lots of inspiring ideas, though I had to sift through a lot of other stuff to get them.
I enjoyed the conference as my first since my last year in college. I was excited to go to the workshops, but found that some of the workshops were not exactly what was promised. There were a few that were more advertisement for a certain textbook than teaching tips, some that were grad students presenting their papers, and one that was only peripherally related to the title. But there were also some excellent presenters, and some extremely academic ones. I think I need to relearn some of the TESOL lingo before going next year! I took tons of notes though, I almost felt like I was back in college.
I got to hang out with my friends from Yuli, Robert and Michelle, and they came to Friday Night Live too! I haven't seen them for ages. On Saturday night I met up with some wonderful ladies from other Taiwan blogs and we had dinner, braved the Shi-Lin night market before having coffee and conversation. Sandy and Cahleen have already blogged about it and posted a group picture of the three of us and Amanda. It was a great MIRL! It's neat to make connections like this, and it probably won't be the last time we get to hang out!

After a full weekend, Monday was even more packed since there were rallies in two of the schools in Yilan. The team came down from Taipei, much to the excitement of my students! I can't even describe how pumped up the girls were at the high school. They loved seeing the teachers they see on TV and getting pictures and photos. More on that later, and hopefully some pictures!


  1. Hey cutie, those ladies all sound really neat. So fun that you got to meet them.
    I'm glad you had a good conference. I'm getting all sorts of teaching ideas from my Hebrew class.
    I miss you loads.

  2. I had so much fun with you last weekend! It was nice hearing about how you came to be in Taiwan. We must do it again soon!


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