Thanksgiving (American Style)

I didn't have the opportunity to celebrate much on Canadian Thanksgiving except for a phone call home where I got passed around to a bunch of family members. Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Taiwan, but around the American date, more Thanksgiving-y stuff becomes available at places like Costco which sell turkey. On Thursday, Sylvia, a coworker who I work with at one of my schools, invited me to her church. They were having a Thanksgiving service/outreach event with a turkey dinner afterward. The service was good, but quite long, with a number of testimonies from different people in the church. The dinner included turkey, tofu, sushi rolls, red bean cakes, you get the idea... but it was a fun time and I got to meet the members of Sylvia's small group, which holds its meetings in English! Here are some pictures taken by others to give you a taste of my celebrations.

But the celebrations weren't over there! On Saturday a bunch of us gathered at a co-worker's house for a Thanksgiving potluck! There were around 25 people there! After eating some we had a sharing time.

This is about 1/3 of the spead. There was sooo much food there! I made apple crisp!

Me with Lisa (one of my roommates), and Linda.

Some things I'm thankful for:
* English worship opportunities
* Friends and family in Canada (or elsewhere) who haven't forgotten about me yet!
* Friendly Taiwanese people
* Students who make my job enjoyable
* Two good legs
* Fresh, cheap fruit all year round
* Hugs
* MSN and other ways to keep in touch


  1. That looks more like apple mess!
    (ducks out of the way)

  2. That apple crisp looks yummy! I'm so happy to know that ingredients to make it can be found here. How do you make it?

  3. Hey Happy Thanksgiving! :) Potlucks are such wonderful things - I had one for Easter, last year. I love teaching! I really need to update my blog...maybe this weekend...


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