Special Guests and this weekend

Sniffle.. I'm slugging through my yearly cold this week, and the constant rain is not helping much (actually it's one of the suspects), I've been extremely thankful for microphones in class this week!

I was about 15 minutes into my class last night when two tall, white people walked in and sat down! It was very unexpected since it's an English Bible study for ESL learners... later I discovered that they're friends of the pastor who were visiting Yilan. Turns out they're missionaries from Finland who are working down in Southern Taiwan. I don't have any pictures unfortunately, but it was really neat to have them in my class, and the rest of the students were really eager to chat with them. They were really interesting. In Taiwan for 18 years, then went back to Finland, and spent 2 years doing Chinese ministry in Israel, and are now back in Taiwan!

I'll have a chance to chat with more teachers this weekend as I head over to the ETA (English Teacher Association) Conference! I'll be attending workshops on Fri-Sunday and hanging out with lots of cool people, including some of my co-workers, Michelle and some teachers from Yuli, and some other Christian bloggers!