A New Look

Well, with Christmas only 32 days away, I thought it would be a good time to adopt a more wintry theme. Let me know if you have any problems viewing it!
I received a package from my parents last week with some Christmas gifts in it! My mom wrapped them so I'll have something to open on Christmas. Isn't that sweet?
Oh that reminds me, I should be putting my package together pretty quick too.

Tonight I went to a new English fellowship that's starting up here in Yilan. It was really cool. It's held every Sunday night and really had the feel of a house church, though it had a number of seekers too. I had an interesting conversation with someone who said he didn't believe the Bible because he's a vegetarian...

Anyways, another busy week coming up, i need to finish up my Thanksgiving lesson before bed!


  1. Hey, I really like the new look! I'll have to find something Christmassy for my blog, too. I'm definitely listening to Christmas music while I plan my math lesson, right now. :)


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