More Great Student Lines

In case you couldn't tell, I love my job!
Here are some highlights from the semester:

Teacher, it's raining inside. (Water from the air conditioner was dripping onto his desk)

When students were supposed to do a writing task, some hadn't quite gotten started yet, so I'd pick up their pen for them and put in their hand as a gentle reminder to get a move on! Of course I'll put it into their right hand since 90% of students are right handed and not lefties like me. Once I did this and the student asked... "Umm, can I write with my left hand?" which got a lot of laughs from the students around, and from me. Maybe it was one of those 'you had to be there' things.

Practicing the past tense...
"Before class today did you go to the bank?"
- Yes, I robbed it!

"Before class today did you put on makeup?"
- No, because I'm a NATURAL BEAUTY!

And finally, during a game I've been playing lately, known by some as "psychiatrist" where students must say what they would do if they had a certain problem, and one student tries to guess (they go out of the room and the class decides on a problem together). At the end of the game, I usually go outside and let them make up a problem for me. So far, they've come up with
"You were on a cruise and the boat sunk"
"Prince William asked to marry you"
"You were the only person in the world who could speak English"

It's a great game, you should try it sometime!


  1. I LOVE the natural beauty comment. Your students sound great!
    I totally want to play that psychiatrist game sometime! It would go over well in Yuli, eh?


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