Iverson breaks arm playing basketball!

Ok, so it's not huge sports news, since it's the 16 year old "Iverson" in my class, whose chosen name implies his love for the sport. But having broken a bone in the last year, my heart goes out to anyone in a wheelchair, cast, sling, or on crutches. So best wishes to Iverson, who really did break his arm playing basketball... poor kid!

And since I was going to take a nap, but keep coughing (which is why I'm blogging instead), here is a summary of some of the English verb tenses I was teaching today.

Simple Present
I am sick.

Simple Past
I got a cold one week ago.

Simple Future
I will still be sick tomorrow.

Present Continuous
I am coughing a lot.

Present Perfect
I have had a sore throat all week.

Present Perfect Continuous
I have been coughing all day.

Present Perfect
I have been sick since last week.

Past Perfect
I had taken some medicine before class, but it stopped working halfway through.

Future Perfect
By tomorrow I will have been sick for over a week.

okok, enough feeling sorry for myself!


  1. Awww...I hope you feel better soon!


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