Happy Halloween!

As you can maybe guess from my blog recently, most of my time lately has been spent teaching, preparing for lessons, and grading... Sorry for my lack of updating.
I wore a witch (or fairy) hat to class today in honor of Halloween, and just to do something fun. Most students were all trying to conceal their smiles at my silly antics, though a few complimented my fashion choice. As I walked across the campus to go home after class I got more stares and attention than usual by far. A lot more students bravely said hello as well. I guess this could be some kind of sociological experiment, like how outward appearance relates to socialization or some such thing.. anyways, Happy Halloween to all of you out there, and to those in North America, eat a couple of Reese's Pieces for me!


  1. Your post really made me miss Halloween -- and all of the candy that goes with it! By the way, I've been meaning to "introduce" myself to you for awhile. I want to pick your brain and find out how you study Chinese. I'm learning now and sometimes my progress seems SO slow!

  2. Nice hat! Btw, do you have an RSS feed for this blog? Can't find it anywhere!


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