The big one...

Typhoon Krosa is on its way to Taiwan as a category 4 storm. I was going to put some kind of adjective in there, but I've been noticing lately that the news overuses these descriptives to create panic about hurricanes and typhoons, so i won't call it a monsterous, deadly, severe, catastrophic etc. etc. but it is a pretty big storm. I ended up leaving Taipei early this afternoon so I could beat it back to Yilan and get my house ready before the heavy rains began. The view from the train was amazing as some of the largest waves I've seen in a long time crashed against the coast along the way to my town.
I think I'm almost ready for whatever this typhoon will throw at us this weekend.
Clothes brought in from the line and windows closed...check
Groceries, extra water, and non-perishables purchased (including tuna, bread, fruit and instant noodles)...check
Videos rented (will be watching High School Musical, The Bridge to Terabithia, and Deja Vu depending on how long i'm stuck inside and as long as we don't lose power)...check
Batteries recharged and ready to go....
Come on storm, do your worst! Or please maybe don't....

Question for any readers who feel like a more interACTIVE experience....
If you had to ride out a big storm (like a typhoon and hurricane) what is one thing you'd be sure to stock up on (either a necessity or a luxury)?


  1. Practical stuff like Spam and noodles, fruit, water, and batteries. I also usually get DVD's but not this time. Maybe this one will almost be like the one that fizzled a month ago. Take care.


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