The Aftermath

The sky this morning after the typhoon was gone.

Well I'd have to say this typhoon was the biggest one I've experienced so far since I've been here. Maybe because of the layout of the apartment, maybe because the typhoon hovered over Yilan before making a circle over Hualian then heading west. This meant that the strength of the typhoon hovered over us for about an hour. With winds almost 300km per hour, I was certain during some gusts that my windows were going to shatter. Since I have the balcony on one side of my apartment, and the sliding glass doors opening into the courtyard of the building on the other end, there was a lot of rattling as the wind seemed to be coming from both sides.

At about 3:00pm our building was plunged into darkness. I was hoping it would come back on quickly, but after about a hour decided to light some candles and dig out the flashlight. Good thing I did, because the power didn't come back on last night. I didn't even come back on this morning. It seems like it was out for around 18 hours but I went to church this morning (the typhoon had moved away from us by then) and when I came home around 2:00pm, the lights were back on. But spending a whole afternoon/evening in the dark wasn't so fun.

All around town there were signs that this typhoon had indeed left its mark on the city.

Some more permanent than others.

Signs and trees were down all over the place. Another good reason to stay inside during a typhoon, no matter how tempting a 7-11 run might be. This was NOT one of the "fun" typhoons!


  1. I-O! I'm glad you're ok and that your windows dinna shatter.


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