3 years and still smilin!

It has officially been 3 years since I arrived on this rock called Taiwan. This picture is from one of our first weeks in Yuli. I remember all the hopes and fears and perspectives I had as I just arrived here. I remember that everything was new and exciting and a little surreal.
Now when I use the word "home" I'm often talking about Taiwan. I'm sure I've changed a lot, I've certainly learned a lot. My Chinese is far from "wo jyao Oh Tsai Lin" now.
If you want to take a trip down memory lane with me click on "The Arriving" on the right side of this page to read some of my impressions on arriving here!

A couple of excerpts:
....the traffic wasn't as bad as it was in Brazil! Not to say it isn't scary to cross the street! The walk lights have this little green running man who runs faster when the light is going to change. It's really cute actually.

....i discovered that you can buy almost anything on a stick, from chocolate covered bananas to squid!

This evening, we went to the night market.... basically a lot of narrow streets lined with shops and filled with throngs of people. It’s almost reminiscent of a mosh pit, an impression which is aided by the music coming out of the stores! It is really hard to get used to being that close to that many people, or even seeing that many people in one place at once!

So many people have been asking me.... how long am I going to stay in Taiwan anyways??
Well, after three years, I guess the answer is "Only God knows"
There's a saying here that the soil in Taiwan is sticky, and that's certainly been true for me.


  1. Aww, I remember those days. We were both so cute! Especially our pinyin :-)
    I was listening to Streams of Praise on the bus home last night, thinking over our year there. I can't remember anything negative, it all just seems magical.

  2. Happy 3 years anniversary to you!!!

    i've not heard the sticky soil thing before . . . :)


  3. Hey, I dont know if its my computer or the resolution of the picture, but i think you and i both look slightly deranged in this picture. Doesnt look like that in the copy I have, though, so I don't know what's up.


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