The Typhoon Day that Wasn't

On Monday I heard that there was a typhoon grazing Taiwan soon, but didn't think much of it, since it wasn't even raining. I asked my students if they thought they'd get the next day off and everyone agreed that it wasn't too likely. The teacher I talked to said, the wind has to be blowing a lot harder than this by now for us to get a typhoon day. I had my first English Bible class in the evening which went really well, and as class was coming to a close, there were murmurs of a day off the next day. I still doubted since I'd seen a lot more rain on a lot more occasions. But when I got home, tv, internet and a phone call confirmed it, no school on Tuesday! That evening had some really cool clouds, and around sunset time the sky was an eerie red/purple color.
I woke up on Tuesday morning to sunshine coming in my window.... it seemed the typhoon wasn't going to do much damage in Yilan. When I went out for breakfast I noticed that all the stores along my street were open... I guess the typhoon holiday only applied to schools and offices, but not retailers. Anyways, it rained off and on all day, often going from dry to downpour within a few moments. It didn't hamper me, or anyone else in town from going out though...
I like those kinds of typhoon days much better than the ones that rattle your windows and whip things off your balcony.
And for the record, it rained a lot more the NEXT day when I actually had to ride my bike to class..waah


  1. Wow, that's pretty crazy! Ddi you take those pics yourself, b/c they sure are amazing! The colors are really cool. You are braver than I b/c I would hate to ride my bike somewhere in the rain and get sopping wet and then have to be presentable. But I'm glad you didn't have a typhoon in the end.


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