on a lighter note..

Ranting really does work sometimes. I actually felt a lot better after writing about what happened, and it lifted my spirits to have so many people care enough to leave a note too. Thanks, friends. I also emailed my supervisors and tried to take steps to ensure things would go more smoothly with this school in the future, particularly this Wednesday when I have to go back to teach there again.

Other interesting moments this past week:
In chapel on Friday I actually understood about 80% of an amazing testimony a woman gave about her husband who passed away last year. It was really touching, since they were both musicians and she sang some songs for us that had her husband in the background vocals on the cd track. I can't even imagine how it must feel to do that.
On the other hand, I only understood about 60% of the sermon in church on Sunday, and tried not too look too distracted the rest of the time, though I couldn't hold a candle to the lady who was actually using a laptop in the pew all through the church service LOL

Celebrity sighing: when I went to Taipei 101 with friend last Thursday, Kobe Bryant was there signing autographs! Well actually he was just leaving as we got there and it was really hard to see him because of the crowd, but it was somewhat exciting nonetheless, it made me think of my classes at the boys' high school, where I typically have at least one Iverson, Michael, and Nash per class.

Beach day: we went to the beach on Saturday, only for it to start pouring shortly after we arrived! Kind of ruined the day, and ironically it has been perfectly sunny here for the rest of the week so far. The weather is cooling off though, just a few weeks ago, I was waking up in the middle of the night to turn the a/c on, and now i'm waking up to pull up the blanket!

Back to Taipei tomorrow, more updates from the flipside.


  1. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Glad today was brighter for you today, Char! Keep smiling and showing up for your classes... you'll be someone's favourite teacher this term (hey, where have I heard that before? :)!
    You are amazingly strong for having endured the last year over there with all your injuries, the typhoons, and crazy class situations! Take care! - Amanda P.


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