A new semester is here!

I've already begun my semester, though a little unexpectedly. I found out last Tuesday that I'd have class on Thursday afternoon in Taipei. So I ended up starting a week earlier than originally thought, but it's all good. I went back to the girls' high school in Yilan yesterday and today and it's been nice to be back in a familiar place, with the familiar, expected first day problems haha. This year they were minimal (MS office not being installed on a new computer that I was to show a powerpoint on...) I saw a couple of my students from last year during a break and they literally shrieked when they saw me and came running over. I'm really looking forward to teaching this class again this year. So I've got one more day of classes here then I'll be off to Taipei again Wednesday night. It will take a bit to get into the new routine, but I'm trying to be adaptable and to appreciate the positive things about going to Taipei.

My English Bible study this year will be covering the book of Proverbs, so I've been preparing for that as well. Here are two great websites I've found useful. The first has examples and illustrations of over 100 English idioms. The other is dictionary.com which I just discovered provides not only multiple definitions but translations in over 10 languages! I'm so loving this... and yes, I am a nerd. But go check these sites out!!