Please pray for Indonesia.
They've had 3 large earthquakes in less than 24 hours, and over 40 aftershocks. The death toll isn't that high, but many have lost their homes, or are living in tents because they are afraid another earthquake will collapse their houses. It really must feel like the world is ending for some of them. I have some relatives who used to be missionaries there, but are home now, and I just found out about an acquaintance who is there now. The country has just really been on my heart since I heard the news.

We had an earthquake here last week in the middle of the night. It was a 6.6 with the epicenter under the ocean, but we definitely felt it. The house was moving and doors and windows rattling. Kind of a scary way to wake up. We were all ok, don't worry. The biggest Indonesian quake was an 8.2 which I believe means it was almost 200 times stronger than the one that woke us up.


  1. WOW I didn't know this! I'll pray..


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